We Serve the Hospitality, Retail and Banking Industries

Pegasus Network Services, Inc. has successfully delivered desired results with network deployments for 30 years in many different industries.  Each industry has a distinct set of deployment challenges. Our experience and knowledge become your asset when engaged on your project from the beginning.

Because each project has its own technical environment, every site visit requires proper assessment, planning, and budgeting considerations. Infrastructure deployment projects are likely to experience technical problems and delays if environmental variables are not properly considered.

 To avoid such technical problems, delays and cost overruns engage the deployment experts, give us a call today.

We have extensive experience with the following markets:

Hospitality – Hotels and motels from 75-1000+ guest rooms and associated public space. New construction, renovation, upgrades.

Retail – Large department and Big Box stores to boutique chains and independents, new construction renovation upgrades.

Banking – Retail banking branches | stores, kiosks, call centers, and corporate facilities, new construction, renovation, upgrades.