Network Construction Services for Property Owners and Property Managers

Does your network infrastructure enhance your properties’ value?


Data, voice, video, media, network infrastructure is an essential asset to your properties, critical for multiple reasons. Users require capability and reliability on the network at all times. Your network infrastructure is an asset to your property when it performs as expected. A poorly performing network can diminish property value. Pegasus Network Services, Inc., plans, designs, and builds network infrastructure that enhances property value.


The first step in realizing maximized value is to complete an infrastructure assessment. Existing properties need to first evaluate their current network capabilities. Second, identify needs or improvements, and third, create a workable plan to meet your various needs. For new construction or major renovation, properties should have a plan to address current and immediate technology needs, as well as planning the network for less costly future upgrades and additions.


Your wired and wireless networks for data, voice, video, media, surveillance, and access are mandatory requirements for virtually any property today. The IP driven world requires efficient and robust networks ready to deliver the services users demand. This will continue to increase over time, and more quickly as well.

Pegasus Network Services, Inc. is here to help you through these challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible network infrastructure to accommodate the various systems you require. We operate as your representative and network partner ensuring you have the best possible infrastructure regardless of what systems are utilizing it. Pegasus Network Services can be your network company keeping the owners best interest and value as the highest priority.


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