In Building Wireless Deployment

Consider Distributed Antenna Systems to meet your enterprise network WIFI requirements

The proliferation of mobile and other wireless devices has put a lot of pressure on existing wireless infrastructure. This has created the need to improve or replace original systems at an ever increasing rate.

Advanced cellular networks and multi-mode wireless devices create additional strain on networks. Public wireless areas in your property may be overwhelmed by smart devices that seek it out for connection within buildings where new cellular technologies do not reach well.

This reality requires planning of robust networks and sometimes multiple networks to handle the user demand. Streaming video, cloud applications, and other high bandwidth uses require an In Building Wireless plan.

Some properties can accommodate this demand by upgrading existing wireless backbone and access points in conjunction with improved switching and load balancing. Pegasus can upgrade or install new infrastructure to facilitate this need. Some properties need more than that….

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is the ultimate step to meeting the mobile and wireless demand. These systems provide for coverage of all wireless requirements, not just WiFi. These systems allow multiple wireless frequencies to be distributed inside your property to multiple access points for all needs including 802.1BGN as well as 3G/4G/LTE cellular. Additional frequencies can be added once the DAS infrastructure is in place.

Pegasus works with world class partners to plan and implement a wireless network that meets these new standards. We install the infrastructure and help guide you through the process.