Quality IP network installation starts with an IP network assessment

What are the network infrastructure capabilities at your property?

Every property has varying levels of IT infrastructure and cabling. The first step in planning how your networks will handle current and future needs is to measure and evaluate. Then we assess the best course of action based upon the actual conditions discovered together with your IT and Systems people.

A system evaluation is considered common sense in the network installation world.

Is your network infrastructure handling your needs? Can your existing infrastructure be upgraded? Will a new network be feasible? What about multiple networks and how they compliment each other? There is no easy answer so it requires a comprehensive assessment to enable proper planning and good decisions.

A network installation feasibility plan is developed, the goal is network capability and reliability.

Once a network evaluation is completed and a report issued, we consult with you on the best course of action to take for a particular property. Our familiarity with the network environment is what allows us to be involved in decisions regarding  network health and readiness for a particular system integration. At that point budgets are prepared and time-lines established for the best course of action to meet your goals.

First things first for quality network installations.

A quality network installation project then gets underway. It’s always important to the success of any network installation project whether Wired – Wireless – Television – Digital Signage – Telephone – Internet Access – Surveillance. Just make sure you establish a feasibility or action plan. First things first, quality network installations should always begin with a network assessment. Plan before you start.