Structured Cabling Services

We are Data Cabling Experts, providing structured cabling installation services for network upgrades, office moves, troubleshooting and new construction projects.

Whether your project requires structured cabling, voice data or fiber cabling, you can be sure our extensive experience will allow us to properly path and complete your network deployment project. As a leading cabling contractor, Pegasus is experienced in all low voltage cabling requirements.

Network Operators and Network Integrators are typically looking for a high level responsiveness and adaptability from their network installation contractors, on that count we deliver for you.

Sound cabling infrastructure after all is the backbone of your clients’ networks, the reliability of their networks rely on choosing the correct cabling for the network components to be installed.

Network Cabling of course connects system components, devices, whether it’s digital signage displays, wireless access points, or computer terminals. We cable entire buildings, for new construction, building renovations and system moves. We’ll also install network drops for your next infrastructure deployment or technology rollout project.

Lastly you’re thinking green because everyone has become more environmentally conscientious. So, don’t abandon that cable in the wall. ¬†Ask about our cable abatement services.