Project Management Services

Basic Project Management Services entail making sure a project is delivered on time and within budget.

Then there is the project charter and the project scope and of course there is scope creep. Sometimes additional network requirements are identified, other times previously unknown project conditions are discovered. Sometimes you can’t get there from here without drilling through 18′ inches of reinforced concrete. The point is network installation projects are fluid affairs.

There are switches, racks, patch panels to be concerned with; there are cable drops, home-runs  servers, power supplies,. all of which need to work together seamlessly.

Added to this physical dimension of the network itself, there are the actual network conditions you start with, the desired result, decisions are made, budgets are crafted, cabling and equipment are ordered, work begins.

All of this technical orchestration is what we love to do, we’re a network deployment company. Surveying, planning, building and installing networks for larger system integrators and network operators as well as owners is what we do.

Many of our customer are in the fortune 500, most of our business is word of mouth. Every customer’s requirements are different from the last, each premises has it’s own peculiarities and challenges.

Because we love what we do we are always looking for bigger challenges both as a company and as individual employees.

We offer project management services, let us work with you on your next  IT Deployment Project. Give us a call.