Network Installation Services

Project Management, On-site Installation and Knowledge of your network applications equals integration to fit your service requirements.


IP Network Assessments – System evaluation, feasibility planning, and reporting


Cabling Services – Planning, Installation, upgrades of all types of network cabling, including Ethernet (Cat 5e/6/6E), Broadband, Telco, IP Video, Fiber and all related infrastructure and interfaces.


Project Management Services – Project Management services and onsite installation for new networks, renovations, upgrades, and additions. Including LAN, WAN, Wireless, Broadband, Fiber.  We take the ball and we run with it! Challenges are dealt with head-on and we keep moving forward with the project.The more familiarity we have with a network application and the better it’s specified and documented by a system operator the easier the quicker the more straightforward and smoother the project will proceed towards completion.